The Habibie Center is proud to have hosted the regional workshop Kafe Cerita ASEAN: Promoting Inclusivity and Building Trust among ASEAN Citizens.

This two-day workshop was supported by USAID and the US State Department. Twenty selected participants from all ASEAN countries came together to share learning experiences and best practices in promoting inclusivity and tolerance through facilitated dialogues and training in storytelling techniques within an interactive and fun setting. They also learned to explore the diversity and build understanding by sharing their stories with each other.

Held in Jakarta on 21-22 January 2020, the objectives of the CERITA regional workshop were: (1) To provide training and capacity building through the CERITA approach for grassroots youth community leaders across the region in order to empower them with the skills and knowledge necessary for the promotion of inclusion, tolerance, and moderation within their respective communities and beyond; (2) To strengthen social cohesion and counter social tension based on attitudes towards cultural and religious differences; (3) To create positive, shareable multimedia content to counter false information and messages; and (4) To create safe, diverse, inclusive spaces within communities.