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About Indonesia's Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Database

Detection is a database on terrorism and counter-terrorism in Indonesia. The Habibie Center (THC) built this database considering that policies related to the prevention and handling of terrorism must be based on accurate data and information and adequate academic studies.

However, comprehensive data is not yet available and regularly updated related to terrorist attacks and counter-terrorism and extremism in Indonesia that the public can access. THC considers that using the data can support the policy-making process and formulation of strategies to deal with extremism and terrorism in Indonesia. Because of these considerations, the main component of this program is to build a database on terrorism and counter-terrorism in Indonesia.

The public can access this database through the following site: is a database that combines recording events of terrorist attacks to handling terrorism and violent extremism. The treatment referred to here includes prevention, prosecution, and recovery. THC considers those recording incidents of terrorist attacks are essential to know about the level of occurrence of terrorist attacks, the distribution of terrorist attacks, the forms of aggression, their impact, and the issues behind the attacks, besides noting that efforts to deal with terrorism are far more critical as preventive measures that various parties can carry out on an inclusive basis. In addition, this database also provides modules on the use of terrorism and extremism databases and efforts to deal with them

Database Destination

Supporting stakeholders related to data-based and more inclusive countermeasures against extremism and terrorism.

Providing adequate information to set priorities, design strategies/programs related to counter-terrorism

Providing comprehensive information to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of strategies/programs implemented in countering terrorism

Opening wider opportunities for civil society to participate and contribute to joint efforts in tackling extremism and terrorism.

Evaluating whether the intervention carried out is by the character of the problems related to terrorism and extremism in different areas.

The data analysis is able to see if one area is vulnerable to extremism or terrorism.