The Habibie Center Indonesia's Advocate of Democracy

Indonesia honours Prof. B.J. Habibie not only as a technology pioneer but also as the "Father of Indonesian Democracy" for his significant role in leading and accelerating the democratic transition process in Indonesia. He made a major contribution to educating the public about democracy, particularly by perceiving it not merely as a political machine but as a foundation to establish strong nations with reliable human resources. Habibie recognised the necessity of creating an institution devoted to fostering and advancing the democratic concept in the country. The realisation came with the establishment of the Habibie Center in Jakarta on 10 November 1999.

The Habibie Center (THC) envisions a modern and democratic Indonesian society based on the morality and integrity of sound cultural and religious values. THC has two missions, first, to establish a structurally and culturally democratic society that acknowledges, honours, and promotes human rights; and second, to promote and advance effective human resources management and the socialisation of technology.

These missions form the basis for the establishment of the four institutes:
• The Institute of Democracy and Human Rights (IDH)
• The Institute of Democratisation through Science, Technology, and Innovation (IDSTI)
• The Institute of Democracy, Economy, and Ecology (IDEE), and
• The Institute of the Maritime Continent (IMC).

The work of the four institutes under the center serves as a solid basis for its programs and activities.

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