Program & Research

Asean Studies Program

The ASEAN Studies Program was established on February 24, 2010, as a center of excellence in ASEAN to develop the 2015 ASEAN Community.

The Habibie Center through its associated ASEAN Studies Program, hopes to contribute to the realization with more ASEAN-oriented people who place a high value on democracy and human rights alongside other institutions working towards the same goal.

For half a century, the Republic of Indonesia, through its sustainable development program, has positioned itself as one of the fastest-developing nations globally, becoming an internationally recognized nation.

Program Objectives

The ASEAN Studies Program aims to conduct research and discussion among academics and government and strengthen public awareness by establishing a solid network of civil society in the region. With the establishment of the ASEAN Study Program, The Habibie Center aims to play a role in the regional development of ASEAN.

To achieve this goal, the ASEAN Study Program carries out several routine activities. Including Talking ASEAN, a series of public dialogues are regularly held every month and cover various issues related to ASEAN. The public dialogues brought together speakers and participants of ASEAN officials, ambassadors & diplomats, academics, students, business leaders, media, and activists. In addition, the ASEAN Studies Program publishes a research publication, ASEAN Brief, on current developments in ASEAN regionalism, especially in political, economic, and socio-cultural security.

The ASEAN Studies Program has organized special events such as the ASEAN-European Union Maritime Cooperation Dialogue and Cultural Forum in ASEAN Regional Perspectives.

The ASEAN Study Program team has actively participated in various national and international events, including the United States, New Zealand, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and other countries. The ASEAN Studies Program intends to continue to support the realization of peace, stability, and prosperity of the ASEAN Community.